Characteristics/Traits of HRM

The Characteristics/traits of HRM are as follows:

1.Human cognizance: HRM is worried with the human beings in an company. It focuses on individuals possessing power and competencies. It is always concerns with growing and making use of human capability.
2.Management capabilities: HRM is a management characteristic. It includes acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance of HR.
3. Pervasive: HRM covers all degrees of management. It’s miles executed via all ranges of management.
4. Non-stop: HRM is a continuous characteristic. The sports associated with HRM are continuously finished in an corporation. It’s far constantly issues with present and destiny HR.
5. Mutuality orientated: HRM always tries to enhance the relation among employers and personnel by means of integrating their dreams.
6.Dynamic: HRM is a dynamic characteristic. It’s far tormented by the changes in surroundings. It adapts to the converting forces in the environment.

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