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Types of Marriage

The world is changing, it has reached industrial society from pre-industrial societies. The advancement in technology, urbanization, industrialization, law and education is leading to a change in patterns of marriage throughout the world.The institution of marriage has been experiencing profound change as well, just like other social phenomena. Almost all sections of society practice monogamy. Some noticeable changes in the institution of marriage are taking consent from the children, declining stability of the marriage, as well as increased greed on the part of the bridegroom’s family.

Some of the important factors responsible for changing the institution of marriage are economic development, technology, increased materialism, and legislative efforts. The modern era is seeing new social phenomena which were not part of traditional Indian society, such as gay/lesbian relationships, cohabitation, and the DINK Syndrome. Even though there are new trends emerging, marriage still has a vital role to play.

The following are the changing marriage patterns experienced in many Nepalese societies and somewhere in the world too.

Change in the form of marriage

Due to the advancement and development, the traditional form of marriage is not practiced (Polygamy, Polyandry) or strictly prohibited. Peoples are giving priority to monogamous marriages as they have lots of advantages and is universally practiced.

Change in the economic role of women

In earlier societies, women do not have much economic role as they were dependent on their families. But, today women have achieved great economic independence ie; they have become property owners, got a qualitative education, become leaders leading to change in the pattern of marriage.

Change in the age of marriage

In earlier societies, there were no so many laws, rules, and regulations that lead to child marriage as there was no particular age for marriage. But today child marriage was completely forbidden by law and a boy below 21 years and a girl below 18 years cannot marry without their parent‘s consent.


Nowadays, we can see lots of cases of divorce leading to remarriage. Males seem to remarry more often as compared to females and widowed or divorced men often marry women considerably younger than they are.

Delayed Marriage

Nowadays, people do not become in a hurry for marriage. Firstly, they want to get a good education and want to make their career good, then only they think of marriage. In earlier societies, women were expected to marry after completing high school but nowadays women are exploring themselves. Because of this people generally marry late.


A compared to earlier societies, nowadays people seem to very practical regarding the issue of marriage. Cohabitation is a situation or we can say a contract in which a couple lives together involving emotional as well as a sexually intimate relationship without officially getting married. If they are compatible with each other they will get married in the future and if not compatible they will not. For eg: Living relationship.

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