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Misrepresentation of Identity – Forms of Security Breach | Introduction to E-Business

Misrepresentation of Identity Businesses can install sophisticated software to verify the authenticity of the people they deal with. In spite of this, firms should remain vigilant so that their credibility is not undermined by security breaches. There is a wealth of information available on a wide range of subjects on the internet. Some of the […]

E Business

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – Introduction to E-Business | BBA Notes

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) There is a compelling case for establishing a single standard protocol for the provision of secure systems rather than allowing competition. The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides a generic approach to the issue of security. PKI is an e-commerce architecture which combines specialist authorities, digital certificate management systems, and directory facilities […]

E Business

Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) – Introduction to E-Business | BBA Notes

Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) Customer fears of their credit card information being intercepted are one of the biggest obstacles to growth in e-business and e-commerce. The issue has been recognized as a threat to e-business for some time. The Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol was developed jointly by Visa and Mastercard in 1996. By using […]

E Business

Encryption – Introduction to E Business | BBA Notes

Encryption The most common method of securing transmissions over the internet is encryption. Public key and secret key encryption are the two main methods of encryption. In secret-key encryption, the parties share an encrypted key number that is known only to them. Encrypting and decrypting a message use the same key. Using public-key encryption, the […]

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