The Cabuliwallah – Four Levels | Adventures In English Vol I

The Cabuliwallah | Four Levels |  Adventures In English Vol I| BBA Notes

Author: Rabindranath Tagore 
Unit: Crosscultural Bridges
Subject: Adventures in English Volume I

Literal Comprehension

A Cabuliwallah named Rahaman reached near the house of the writer. He was a peddler and sold seasonal goods. Mini, the five years old daughter of the writer, saw him. The writer was busy on writing his story. When Mini called him, he came towards her. When Cabuliwallah came towards her house, Mini got afraid and went to her mother. But, the writer called her and introduced with Rahaman to remove her fear from her mind. The Cabuliwallah gave nuts and raisins to her. Then, Cabuliwallah became a regular visitor to Mini’s home. They became good friends. Rahaman sold seasonal goods. Once he had sold a Rampuri sawl to a costumer on credit. But when he went to collect his money, the costumer didn’t give the money. It made Rahaman so angry that he stabbed the costumer with knife. Rahaman was charged for attempting murder and was sent to jail for long time. When he was released from the jail, he directly went to the writer’s house. There was a ceremony in the house. Mini was going to get married.
At first, the writer didn’t allow him to see her. But Rahaman gave nuts and raisins for her and also showed a hand print of his daughter from his pocket, and told that he also has a daughter like Mini in his house. Understanding a father’s feeling towards his daughter, the eyes of the writer filled up with tears. He called Mini who was in wedding dress. Rahaman was surprised to see mini grown up. He remembered his own daughter and expressed the concerns about her. The writer got sentimental and offered hundred rupees to Rahaman by reducing some of the festivities like bands and electric lights. But the writer got happy to realize that he was helping a father to meet his daughter.


The writer may be trying to show the attitude of peoples towards the foreigners and poor peddler. Although the Cabuliwallah is very simple and honest, writer’s wife suspects him as a child lifter, also tries to cheat him by not paying his money. The story also shows the plight of the poor people. The story teaches us not to lose temper. This story also makes a strong case for humanity. The writer cuts off the wedding expenses and helps the Cabuliwallah.

Critical Thinking

Although this story is full of the feeling of humanity, some ideas of the writer are skeptical.
  • Does a man leave his children freely with a stranger?
  • Does a peddler give things to others children freely every time?
  • Does the Cabuliwallah stab the costumer?
  • Can we find anyone who helps others by cutting off weeding expenses?


Before reading this story, I also feared foreigners . But this story changed my attitude towards them. I know that all the people of the world are brothers and sisters. This story also grew a sense of help in my minds towards poor and needy people. Before reading this story I neglected such people. But the kindness of the writer towards the Cabuliwallah gave me a good lesson.

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