Management Information System Old Question Paper Year 2017 – Tribhuvan University | BBA

Management Information System Old Question Paper Year 2017 TU

Management Information System Old Question Paper Year 2017 – Tribhuvan University | BBA

Management Information System Old Question Paper Year 2017 | Tribhuvan University | Program BBA

Group “A”

Brief Answer Questions: [1*10=10] 

1. How knowledge management system helps organization?
2. What is business process?
3. Differentiate between data mart and data warehousing.
4. Define paradigm shift.
5. Why organization should invest in complementary assets?
6. Why enterprise systems are required?
7. What information is available from sequences?
8. What is autonoming computing?
9. Define agency cost theory.
10. Make distinction between black hats and white hats.

Group ‘B’

Short Answer Questions: [5x 4= 20]

11. Explain why understanding about functioning of organization is necessary to develop information system.
12. “Information systems raise new ethical questions because they create”. Justify.
13. How do TPS, DSS and ESS serve the different management groups in a business?
14. How are information systems vulnerable to destruction, error, and abuse?
15. Identify and state Porter’s competitive forces model and explain how information system helps to become low cost producer.


Group ‘C’

Comprehensive Answer Questions: [2×5= 10]

16. Read the following scenario and answer the questions given below:

BART’s information systems were no longer state-of-the art, and they were starting to affect its ability to provide good service. Aging homegrown financial and human resources systems could no longer provide information rapidly enough for making timely decisions, and they were too unreliable to support its 24/7 operations. BART upgraded both its hardware and software. It replaced old legacy mainframe applications with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications running on HP integrity blade servers and the Oracle Enterprise Linux operating system. This configuration provides more flexibility and room to grow because BART is able to run the PeopleSoft software in conjunction with new applications it could not previously run.

BART wanted to create a high-availability IT infrastructure using gird computing where it could match computing and storage capacity more closely to actual demand. BART chose to run its applications on a cluster of servers using a grid architecture. Multiple operating environments share capacity and computing resources that can be provisioned, distributed, and redistributed as needed over the grid. In most data centres, a distinct server is deployed for each application, and each server typically uses only a fraction of its capacity. BART uses virtualization to run multiple applications on the same server, increasing server capacity utilization to 50 percent or higher. This means fewer servers can be used to accomplish the same amount of work. With blade servers, if BART needs more capacity, it can add another server to the main system.


a. Why is high availability of hardware and software resources required for organization and how it can be achieved?
b. “Virtualization is a way to reduce investment on hardware and software”. What do you think?



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