English II Old Question Paper Year 2017 TU

English II Old Question Paper Year 2017 – Tribhuvan University | BBA

English II Old Question Paper Year 2017 

Attempt ALL questions

1. Write four levels of interacting with the text to The Death of Moth. [12]
2. Answer any FIVE of the following questions: [5×5=25]
a. How do ‘Ballad of the Landlord’, ‘Girlhood Among Ghosts’ and ‘Sorry Wrong Number’ represent the American society in general? Explain.
b. Are some hypotheses better than others in Huxley’s essay ‘We are All Scientist’? Why or why not? You may take the reference of ‘A Most Forgiving Ape’ to analyze how the hypothesis is demystified.
c. Compare two stories ‘The Lottery’ and ‘The Hitch-Hiker’ to talk about views on human nature, human rationality and human society?
d. How do the poets immortalize their beloved wife and father in the poem ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’ and ‘My Papa’s Waltz’ respectively? What are the experiences they narrativize by means of their poetry?
e. How the issues of women identity and empowerment are clearly expressed in ‘Chandalika’ and ‘Metaphors’? Discuss.
f. How do the poem ‘Eight O’clock’ and ‘The Buddha’ contrast each other with the idea of human vulnerability and the immense human potential? Discuss.

3. An out-of-town customer bought an expensive dress from Shop No. 5, fifth floor, the Star Supermarket, Lainchaur, Kathmandu and mailed it back three weeks later, asking for a refund. The customer explained that the dress was not a good fit and that she really didn’t like it anymore. But perspiration stains on the dress proved that she has worn it. Now write a letter skilfully refusing the claimed refund for the woman’s dress from the side of managing director of the Supermarket. [5]

4. Himalayan Fiber, a large company with more than 200 employees has followed a flexible policy in the dress code. The employees here can wear the casual dress and yet they are supposed to look professional. For last few months the dress code has created some problems and a discussion is going on about the changing of dress code. You as the corporate head Write a memo to the manager calling a staff meeting to discuss the issue. Include some of the questions which are going to be discussed as agenda in the meeting. [5]

5. On the basis of the following information use APA reference Citation Method to publish work cited in a formal research report. [5]

a. Author: Robert Cloud Cottrel
Book: Izzy: A biography of I.E. Stone.
Published on 1992 by Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey
b. Book: A review of the credit union financial system: History, structure and status and financial trends
Published on 1986 by U.S. Central, Kansas City, Missouri
Organization: Corporate Credit Union Network
c. Author: Robert Phelps
Translator: Michael Ward
Published on 1983 by Farrar and Giroux, New York
Book: The Collected Stories of Colette
d. Journal: Newsweek
Author: Johnson Kroll
Article: T.rex redux
Pages 74-75
Publication date: May 26, 1997
e. Internet Source: http//:www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/story/story_1716.html
Author: James Berst
Published on 30 January, 1998
Web title: Berst.alert.ZD Net
Retrieved on: February 1, 1998

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions asked below: [4×2=8]

A gesture is any action that sends a visual signal to an onlooker. 1 become a gesture, an act has to be seen by someone else and has to communicate some piece of information to them. It can do this either because the gesturer deliberately sets out to sent a signal as when waves his hand – or it can do it only incidentally as when he sneezes. The hand wave is Primary Gesture, because it has no other existence function. It is a piece of communication from start to finish. The sneeze, contrast, is a secondary, Incidental Gesture. Its primary function mechanical and is concerned with the sneezer’s personal breathing problem. In its secondary role, however, it cannot help but transmit message to his companions, warning them that he may have caught. Most people tend to limit their use of the term ‘gesture’ to the primary form- the hand-wave-type- but this misses an important point but maters with gesturing is not what signals we think we are sending no what signals are being received.

The observers of our acts will make no distinction between our intentional Primary Gestures and our unintentional, incidental ones. In some ways, our Incidental Gestures are the more illuminating of the two, if only for the very fact that we do not think of them as gestures and therefore so not censor and manipulate them so strictly. This is why it is preferable to use the term ‘gesture’ in its wider meaning as an ‘observed action’


a. What is a gesture? What are its kinds?
b. Write three examples of primary and incidental gestures each.
c. Why is the phrase unusual condition used at the end of the passage?
d. What is the importance of gesture in communication?

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