Business Communication Old Question Paper Year 2017 – Tribhuvan University | BBA

Business Communication Old Question Paper Year 2017 | Tribhuvan University | Program BBA

1. Define the following business term (any five). [5]

  1. corporate value 
  2. workforce diversity
  3. a raid
  4. lean production
  5. media blitz
  6. intangible asset

2. Find words or expression which mean the following. (any five)

  1. Never-ending process of continuously improving and refining quality.
  2. An advertisement displayed on a billboard of hoarding.
  3. A company that spreads investors’ capital over a variety of securities
  4. A bond that pays variable interest according to market conditions.
  5. The attempt to reduce imports by producing goods in one’s own country.
  6. The nominal rate of interest on a fixed-interest stock. 

3. Attempt any five of the following questions. [15 * 6 = 30] 

a. What is the dilemma of multinational corporations? Should they attempt to export their management methods to all their subsidiaries, or should they adapt their methods to the local culture in each country or continent? Present your argument bringing various cases such a age, culture, gender, promotion etc. 

b. You are an emerging entrepreneur and want to establish your business that is related to the items needed while/after bathing or swimming. At your first attempt you want to come to the market with Swimming Costume, Shampoo, and a Lotion. What basic market research will you make in order to beat or compete with the existing products in u market? 

c. What are promotional strategies? Being an employee to responsible for promoting a new, fashionable but inexpensive rang are quartz watches and a new brand jeans for ladies. Write exactly that your products are, what are special about them, and which tools you would use to promote them. Imagine that you have generous budget and thus able to employ several different tactics. 

d. If you have yet to choose a career, do you think it could be accountancy? What particular skills different kinds of accountant as managerial, cost, tax and creative accounting need? What assets and liabilities in the skills needed? 

e. What, in your opinion, should be the role of government in relation to business and industry? Should there be more or less governmental intervention in the economy in Nepal? (You can take references recently made to improve health facilities in Nepal to illustrate your answer bringing case in point.) 

f. What do labour unions do? Are the labour unions independent or they are influenced as the sister organization of political parties?

Discuss with reference to the context of the organizations in Nepal. 

4. How the Graphics Design incorporates your document to make it readable and effective for the audience?

5. What are the objectives of oral presentations? Prepare an outline for an extemporaneous speech to be delivered on March 8, Women’s Day.  [5] 

6. Read the following newspaper article and answer the questions asked below.[10] 

Physical infrastructure, environment, economy, investment, health care and education are the key conditions for urban development. The National Urban Development Strategy (NUDS), 2017 has put these issues as preconditions for any area to be developed as an urban centre. The urban area is also a political, social and cultural centre where people have an opportunity to interact with one another. 

The strategy has perspective on transportation, land use, regional planning and development of related institutional mechanism, provision of balanced urban road infrastructure and sustainable public transport. Another feature of the urban strategy is the provision of affordable adequate and safe housing along with adequate public toilets. The private sector can also be included in providing affordable housing to the economically weaker section of society. 

Such a strategy, if well implemented, will discourage squatter settlements and encroachment of public land. The weaker section of society can be engaged in collective production sector if it is settled in a cooperative manner. 

Other key issues of urban development include the provision of adequate, reliable, efficient green energy from renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind-powered or thermal plants.

 An urban centre must focus on urban agriculture, urban forestry and maintain enough open spaces which can be used as temporary shelters in case of emergencies. 

Preservation of local heritages, art and architecture and culture with ties of local income activities are other objectives of the urban development plans all municipalities must follow. 

The NUDS has also proposed developing community and civil society facilities where people can discuss their common concerns and draw attention of the local authorities to resolve the identified problems. 

The strategy can be a guidebook for all municipalities, especially the new ones which have little infrastructure. The newly elected representative have the local level will have to face daunting challenges first hand as they have been given a lot of power and responsibilities with limited resources. First of all, the elected representatives are required to know about the rights they have been given by the constitution and the means to achieve the goal of local level development 

The very concept of the local level is to provide basic government services from their doorsteps. Basic health care and minimum level of educational facilities, drinking water supply, well-facilitated public transport service ice enough supply of electricity and work opportunity in the nearest are from their homes are some of the basic needs that must be available at the local level. 

In addition, elected representatives in all the municipalities must broaden their horizons to make their cities smart. 

All municipalities must have a provision for a museum, an e-library, gardens, green open spaces for children, youth and elderly people, stadium, recreation facilities and fully-functional and affordable health care centres. 

Any specific municipality can be encouraged to develop itself as a centre for a specific production or manufacturing unit so that it can generate enough revenue for its growth and gain expertise 


  1. What are the key conditions for urban development and why?
  2. What are the strategies made for urban development?
  3. What are advantages of urban development strategies?
  4. What should urban centre do in case of emergencies?
  5. What challenges do the newly elected representatives have to face and how can they overcome these problems?



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