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Flax-Golden Tales | Unit 1: Invitation

Flax-Golden Tales | Unit 1: Invitation
Four Levels of Interacting with Texts
For: BBS / BA First year

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Emuparadise | Review


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Review on king kong digital agency

Review on king kong digital agency

Today I’m going to share an honest review about king kong digital marketing which is providing best SEO service.King Kong digital marketing is a great company to work for. I was captivated in from when I decided to accept the ruler kong sabri suby Review business lead age digital reserve that King Kong innovations. I joined, acquired the free digital booklet and thought extraordinary.

The company gives employees great benefits and allows them opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. Flexible hours enable employees to work at any hour for their clients to ensure a positive customer experience. The working environment is very positive and emphasizes hard work.

The telephone message or calls at that time started! I had been bothered with a King Kong discounts established, or as they call themselves, Development Experts. After having a few cell phone calls, I decided to allow a 6 month SEO development struggle that was so far as anyone knows heading to surge my inbox with leads.

Britney Spears latest | Gives Fan Something to Gossip

Britney Spears latest | Gives Fan Something to Gossip

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Salman Khan Tweets on Judwaa 2 trailer | Bollywood News

Salman Khan Tweets on Judwaa 2 trailer
Judwaa 2 trailer | Varun Dhawan

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IQ Option and Binary Options |

Iq Option and Binary Options

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Click Funnels – Marketing tool

Click Funnels

Marketing tool

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Impact Leadership (season-II)

13391029_1089121961133916_1824375414_nImpact Leadership (season-II) | Leadership Corner

Impact Leadership is 2 days long unique, intensive and highly interactive residential leadership workshop that serves as a catalyst for leadership transformations in individuals and teams of all sizes.
This workshop is designed to inspire, engage and overcome the leadership challenges of individuals and organizations. It teaches you the practical tools to evaluate and cultivate leadership styles. It also helps you to develop and practice the behaviors that will enable you to lead yourself and your team. You will learn to make action plan, network and establish yourself strong as a leader.

This very workshop will ensure that the participants get to learn the basics of Leadership issues and develop the idiosyncratic personality to deal with the corporate deterrence.

Researches, Discussions, Activities, Challenges, Audio-visuals, Presentations, Q&A and Assignments.

Important Details:

Program: Impact Leadership (season-II)
Date: June 24 – 25, 2016
Registration: Rs. 3,000/- only
Total seats: 25
Application deadline: June 20, 2016 (First come first serve basis)
Contact: 9851190113 | 9849059964

Visit : Leadership Corner ( For further details)


Difference between MEC and MEI| Macroeconomics



Difference between Marginal Efficiency of Capital (MEC) and Marginal Efficiency of Investment( MEI)| Macroeconomics

Marginal Efficiency of Capital(MEC)  is the rate of discount which makes the discounted present value of expected income stream equal to the cost of capital.MEC was first introduced by J.M Keynes in 1936.According to him it is an important determinant of autonomous investment.

Marginal Efficiency of Investment(MEI) is the expected rate of return on investment as additional units of investment are made under specified  conditions and over a atated period of time.When cost of borrowing is high ,businesses are less motivated to borrow money and make investment on different projects because high cost of borrowing reduces profit margin of the business firms;business firms always cannot raise the price of their product and services to increase profit.

The concepts of marginal efficiency of capital(MEC) and marginal efficiency of investment (MEI) seem similar .There are however some basic differences between MEC and MEI.Some of the basic differences between MEC and MEI are as follows:

Marginal Efficency of Capital(MEC) Marginal Efficiency of Investment(MEI)
1)MEC is based on a given supply price for capital. 1)MEI is based on the induced change in the price due to change in the demand for capital.
2)MEC represents the rate of return on all successive units of capital without regard to existing capital. 2)MEI shows the rate of return on just those units of capital over and above the existing capital stock.
3)In MEC the capital stock is taken on the horizontal axis of diagram. 3)In MEI the amount of investment is taken on the horizontal axis of diagram.
4)The MEC is a “stock” concept. 4)The MEI is a “flow” concept.
5)The MEC determines the optimum capital stock in an economy at each level of interest rate . 5)The MEI determines the net investment of the economy at each interest rate,given the capital stock .



Characteristics Of Marriage | Fundamentals Of Sociology

marriageCharacteristics Of Marriage | Fundamentals Of Sociology

Marriage is a physical,legal and moral union between man and woman in complete community life for the establishment of a family.The emergence of marriage was to regulate and control the sex life of man especially after the end of sex communism in the early stage of human social evolution.

Characteristics of Marriage

  1. Universality: Marriage is more or less a universal institution ie; it is prevalent everywhere among literate as well as illiterate,everywhere territorial as well as hunter gatherer.For eg:in Japan celibacy is publicly condemned; in korea unmarried persons are called ‘Half persons’ . Among Hindus marriage is a sacred phenomenon which every Hindu member should do.
  2. Relationship between man and woman: Marriage is the union of man and woman which indicates the relationship between one or more men to one or more women that occurs under different pattern of marriage.
  3. An enduring bond: It is the long lasting bond between husband and wife.It excludes those sexual relationships like with prostitutes who are not santioned by custom or law or religion.
  4. Marriage requires social Approval: Marriage between man and woman becomes a nuptial bond only when it is approved by the society.Social approval is an ultimate way to get legal recognition.
  5. Marriage is associated with some civil or religous ceremony: Among each and every socio-cultural and religous group ,marriage gets its social recognition through some ceremonies.It suggests that marriage has to be concluded in a public and solemn matter.
  6. Marriage creates Mutual Obligation: Marriage imposes cetain rights on both husband and wife.