Microeconomics- Business Decision making a)Explain the role of microeconomics in business decision making. Ans) The role of microeconomics in business decision making can be explained as under: 1) Optimal resource utilization: The productive resources are scarce in the economy and microeconomics tells how the productive resources are allocated in the production of various goods and […]
Very short questions,Demand and Supply What do you mean by demand? Ans) Demand means the quantity of goods and services which consumers would buy in a market at a given time and price.In order to change desire into demand ,it is essential that the consumer should have both willingness and ability to pay. Define Demand […]
The Clock Tower Literal Comprehension: The speaker in this poem describes the conduction of an old pensioner. The poem has compared the old pensioned senior vet with clock tower, Ghantaghar. He is  old, rejected and has distributed all his things to his relatives. All his military equipments are gone. The old pensioner has jealously too; […]
To know a fly Four Levels of Interaction By Vincent G.Dethier For: BBA,BBA-BI,BBA-TT,BCIS Literal Comprehension: ‘To Know A Fly’ is an essay based on scientific experiment written by Vincent Gaston Dethier.He was (1915 – 1993) ,an American psychologist and entomologist.He was a pioneer in the study of insect-plant interactions.It has presented the view that every scientific experiment is to […]
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