Flax-Golden Tales | Unit 1: Invitation

Flax-Golden Tales | Unit 1: Invitation
Four Levels of Interacting with Texts
For: BBS / BA First year

Literal Comprehension: This poem “Invitation” has been composed by 20th century American poet Shel Silverstein. The speaker in the poem invites different persons with different natures with them to accompany with her. He invites the readers who are imaginative as dreamers or even liars who always tell a lie. Hopers who for something are prayer of religious deities or persons with magical power are invited to her. He even invites to the pretenders who pretend to be superior or greater to others. So who ever the readers are all are invited by the speaker to sit by him to spin Flex Golden Tales. The tales are more colorful and very much imaginative, adventurous and with many more outstanding qualities. He invites the readers for four times to accompany him unfolding Flex-Golden Tales.

Interpretation: The poem “Invitation” might be trying to create a good readerships in young generation. Modern young people are not so much interested in reading and enjoy in the literatures. May be they haven’t properly been invited to read. Not being interested in reading the children are more pretenders, liars, magic been players and so on. when they have inner desire for study they will start to read and will be co-readers to spin, colourful Flax-Golden Tales. The speaker’s intension seems to make readers and other people to be more imaginative, creative and have fun in literatures.

Critical Thinking: The basic intension of the poem seems to make people more creative and productive making a good habit of study. It has easily drawn the attention of different readers. With the repetitive structural pattern the poet seems to be able to convince the readers to go with him to spin some beautiful stories and nice pieces of literatures. The multiple use of ‘come’ has focused much on the importance of reading and value of good reader. How can one be more creative and interested in literatures if there is no passion with him? Only invitation without interest becomes useless. Still the poem seems to rise some keen interest for reading.

Assimilation: Before reading this poem I didn’t gave keen passion to literature. I had much interest in music, song and sports I used to think literature doesn’t do any practical thing in our life. When I read this poem, I got an vision that literature, creative works are also the main sources of internal entertainment or happiness, Dreamer, liar, pretender, prayer all could be adjusted in the vast arena of literature. To spin Flex-Golden tales inspired me to enjoy the world of imagination, creativity, and vision, Our life can’t always be charming if we don’t love reading by heart.

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